New Site & New Blog

Hi everyone! Welcome to my new blog. I’ve never done such a thing and thought it could be fun. Who knows what I’ll do here? I’m thinking maybe new instructional videos, practice tips for learning jazz piano, whatever might be going on with my own music and my own continuing study.

For example, this week I did something completely new for myself. There’s a wonderful composer here in Philadelphia by the name of Benjamin Boyle. He runs a little salon series in his home where he analyzes a piece of music and then there’s very congenial schmoozing. Anyway this week he gave the most entertaining and informative lecture on one of the pieces from Bach’s Well Tempered Clavier. It was a little treasure hunt of finding motives and cool twists and turns. What didn’t Bach do?? Flat nine dissonances all over the place? Check. Chromatic suspensions in weird places? Check again! Benjamin is so funny too, he could do stand up.

kevin macconnell.jpg

Also this coming Saturday October 5, I’m looking so forward to playing with bassist Kevin MacConnell at the Prime Rib here in Philadelphia. Listen to him accompanying my vocals on my listen page. He was a complete pleasure to work with in the recording studio, and this will be my first gig with him. A luscious 4 hours of tunes, tunes, tunes.

Ok! My first blog, ever!


Thomas Claesen